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The 2smock Ready to Smock and Wear Difference


2smock products are designed to be the ready to smock and wear blank canvas to your smocking and embroidery creations. By providing pre gathered and fully assembled wearable canvases we aim to make the art of smocking accessible to all. Traditional smocking calls for a gathered panel to be fully smocked and then sewn into a garment or other item. Unfortunately even the most avid smocker is bound to have safely tucked away a few beautifully smocked panels waiting for the time and often space to complete them.

Many more experienced smockers find that their time demands limit their ability to pursue their beloved hobby and as grand children enter each family they can find themselves longing to just whip up a few treasured items. For the newer smocker a different set of problems can occur that prevent them learning a much loved craft form. Unfortunately many young women are simply not taught the art of sewing. The costly set up of pleaters and sewing machines for the beginner often prove too much and as a result smocking is relegated to the past and fond memories of one’s childhood.

We know the challenges; we have lived them and worked hard to find solutions and alternatives.

What makes it a 2smock product?

All 2smock products come fully gathered and fully assembled, ready to smock and wear. We pay attention to features that increase the useability and longevity of each product. The most important feature is that we have incorporated all the details and expected quality of a home crafted garment as well as the professionalism of a manufactured item.

Method of Gathering

Traditional methods of gathering are still used. Unlike automated machine gathering which has a top and bottom gathering thread to hold the pleats in shape, our gathering has the gathering thread pass through the centre of each pleat. This is as it was done since the 17th Century and gives a similar result to current smocking pleaters such as Amanda Jane, Read or Sally Stanley.

This type of pleating creates the greatest elasticity because the pleat is deeper and the single gathering thread allows the smocker to adjust their smocking to their style and preference of elasticity.

Practical features to make it last.

For many years clothing was designed to increase the wearability of an item. Mothers had the good sense to ensure that clothes could be handed down the line or handle a growth spurt or two. In fact many women designed this practicality into their own clothes to account for the fluctuating nature of a woman’s shape (let’s face it maternity wardrobes are a rather modern luxury).

With this in mind we design the girls wear to incorporate a generous hem (approximately 10cm) to allow for the natural growth patterns of young children. Add to this the elasticity of the smocking and use of ties in our Classic Girls Dress it is possible to get a season or two out of each item before its outgrown. Other styles such as the Bishops Round Yoke allow for room to grow due to their natural free flowing style.

The Ladies Nightwear is cut with generous proportions to maximise comfort. Ensuring armholes are open to increase movement and that the fit of the garment doesn’t impede the inevitable tossing and turning that occurs at night. We also ensured that the neckline is open enough to remain comfortable throughout the night. There is enough freedom of movement that the same nightwear can be used right through a pregnancy and beyond (we’ve personally tested this twice now).

Classic styles and traditional designs.

Times change and fashions come and go which is why we design our 2smock products to be as timeless as possible. Smocking is a traditional needlecraft and is best displayed on the medium it was meant for. A simple fabric with well chosen smocking design and a little embellishment or embroidery can create a stunning wearable work of art. You can of course modernise many of our products with bold colour choices or new approaches to smocking like incorporating beading or textural elements.

That is the beauty of a 2smock ready to smock and wear canvas – it is your creativity that brings it to life.