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Shipping Information

Shipping-InformationFlat Rate Shipping – Australia Wide

Here at 2smock we like to keep things simple so our shipping is calculated per order and at a flat rate. We continue to use Australia Post for all our shipping as it has been a cost effective and reliable shipping solution for many years. Flat rate postage means you order as many items as you like and your shipping costs remain fixed. In Australia you can of course choose between Regular or Express Postage. If you are unsure of whether or not your location falls into the Express Post Network you can check on the Australia Post Website.

Australia Post – Regular: $13.05
[Estimated 2-4 business day delivery to metropolitan areas of major cities]

Australia Post – Express Post: $14.45
[Estimated 1-2 business day delivery to metropolitan areas of major cities]

Only Ordering One Item? Happy to have the dress folded in half?

If you are only ordering one item and don’t mind it being folded in half (which won’t damage the dress just bends the packaging) you can use the discount code fold2post when you reach the checkout page. This reduces the order total by $5.05 which is the price difference between our standard flat rate postage and being able to send it in a smaller 500g Satchel – works out to be $8. All other orders will be shipped in a 3kg satchel at the flat rate mentioned above.

Flat Rate Shipping Selected International Locations

In the past we’ve shipped our 2smock dresses all over the place and are more than happy to continue this service. At this point we offer a flat rate fee for international locations that are part of the Australia Post Pack & Track International network. We also include South Africa as that is where this journey first started for us. If your location is not on this list please feel free to contact us about shipping to your location. Our local Post Office is very helpful and will be able to sort out the best option to ensure delivery.

Australia Post – Pack & Track International: $24.20
[Estimated 3-10 business day delivery to metropolitan areas of major cities]

  • UK
  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • Israel
  • Spain
  • China
  • Canada
  • South Africa

 Question: Why do the Etsy store and eBay stores have differing postage rates, particularly overseas shipping?

The main reason for the difference is postage rates available its down to the sophistication of the online shopping method. We are trying to keep costs down so don’t really want to spend the extra $100-200 just to be able to add more complex shipping methods to our personal online shopping system just yet. So what we have chosen to do is base the international cost on shipping to the UK for one item. This is slightly higher than say to the USA for the same item but this rate is applied as a flat rate to all dresses ordered. As a result each additional dress ordered and shipped overseas ends up costing 2smock more to send but we are ok with this for now as we set things back up fully. The Etsy store has allowed us through their system to more accurately reflect the shipping costs for various locations and order quantities. Ebay also allows a better level of control over the shipping rates. So yes it is confusing and it truly is doing our heads in trying to make sense of the postage system, where possible we try apply the fairest cheapest option that still meets the need to be able to track and guarantee delivery.

Tracking Orders

You can use the Track Tool through the Australia Post Website to keep tabs of your shipment. As soon as we receive any tracking codes we will add this information to your order details on our shop. In many cases our lodgement process will result in an automatic tracking code link being sent to your email address so you will know the moment the order is registered with Australia Post. If you have any questions about your orders progress please contact us so we can help.

How long does an order take to process?

All orders will be processed as soon as possible, and we will keep you up to date as the order is processed.

Most orders placed during the day will be packed and ready to ship the following business day. So if you place an order before 7PM Monday we will have it lodged at Australia Post 4PM Tuesday. Regular Post to a metropolitan areas of a major city would then mean you would have the order between Thursday and the following Monday. Express Post would see the order arriving Wednesday or Thursday depending on your location.

If there is any reason we are unable to process your order within the above time frame you will be notified as soon as possible.

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