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Returning Customers

Returning Customers

Welcome back, it’s been a while.

Here at 2smock we value our customers both new and old. I’ve enjoyed our past relationships and the correspondence we’ve had. I know that in the past we’ve run various loyalty programs and discount codes and with this in mind I am deciding to honour them still.

I am going through all our advertising material and correspondence trying to enter them all into this new website however there is a chance I may have missed one or two along the way. If you have dealt with 2smock (or 12Go as we were known for a short time) in the past and you have forgotten or lost your code OR it isn’t on the system please contact us. I have a list of all past customers and will be able to help you out. This also applies to the packaging discounts on our original stock.

We look forward to hearing back from our former customers and hearing how your smocked items have gone over the years of use. I’m sure many items are now onto their second or third owners now, and all feedback is much appreciated.