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Order Email Issues – IMPORTANT!

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Dear Customer

I am so terribly embarrassed to have to say this but it turns out our email service has not been sending through all our emails or sending responses correctly. As such I am no longer sure which orders I have or have not fulfilled and as such I am having to email all customers from the last guaranteed order number in order to double check where things stand.
Please let me know if your order has been one of the missed ones so that I can correct this ASAP. I am so truly sorry that this has occurred, apparently the anti spam measures I put onto the emails incorrectly flagged our own websites emails as spam and held them in quarantine and I just assumed business was slow as we were winding things up.
Diana Raward

2smock Closing Down

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By now all our past customers will have hopefully received our first and last email mail out containing their 80% off discount code and notification that 2smock is indeed closing down. This decision has not bene reached easily and has been the product of many discussions between Diane and myself. It does appear that our lives have simply moved on towards other pursuits and we simply can not keep juggling 2smock on top of our other commitments.

From my mother side (Diane Spencer-Scarr) she has recently completed her PHD and is embarking on an exciting new phase of life. Seeing her passion and enthusiasm for her field is truly wonderful and I am so proud of all she has accomplished (and will accomplish in the years to come). This career change does however require time and energy that is no longer available to 2smock.

On my side I have been truly blessed that 2smock and our customers have seen me through an arguably tricky decade and a bit. In this time I have survived 3 complex pregnancies (Hyperemesis Gravardium, Sever Pelvic Instability and last time around Diabetes) as well as health challenges (Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and more just to keep my guessing). I have become a mother 3 times over and had the delightful pleasure of raising unique little souls who have had their own journeys (Autism, Multiple Infant Surgeries, Anxiety Issues, Dyspraxia, Speech Delays, High IQ’s and more). And somehow through it all we’ve maintained a happy loving home. My Husband has been the silent third party in 2smock over this time helping cart stock around, helping pack orders and do post runs. I am grateful for all his support and assistance. The time has come however to reassess just how much I have on my plate and what is in the best interests of my family. Between my own studies and raising the kids time has become a valuable commodity. No matter what I’d like the kids keep growing at a rapid rate and I want to fit in as much time as possible with them in amongst the studying before they all grow up.

So as hard as it is saying goodbye to a business I set up with my Mum, that we love, that I still enjoy, it is for all the right reasons. I hope you can understand and know that we really do value each and every customer who has supported us over the years.

On a practical note from the 1st of June to the 1st of July the discount code emailed to previous customers can be used to receive 80% off. From the 1st of July onwards this code will be invalid and all remaining stock will be set to a flat reduced rate for anyone to purchase. Hopefully this is fair for existing and new customers alike. At this stage all stock levels are correct for the items I have in my cupboards ready to send. As I get time I will tackle one box at a time and all the unpackaged items will be uploaded. Might even put up some of the other items as well.

I have decided to only keep things on the 2smock site rather than eBay and Etsy as it gets tricky keeping stock quantities accurate across multiple platforms. Some items such as the embroidery threads will eventually end up on eBay but I will put links to those on this site as well, who knows perhaps you really do need 1000 lots of variegated green embroidery thread.

All our love,

Diana and Diane

We’re on a break!

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Unfortunately I have needed to go in for a rather rushed surgery this week and am still recovering. All is well and I will be fine in another 5 weeks or so but until then things will be on hold around here.

Thank you for your understanding,


Massive Christmas Sale Until 1st December 2015

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In order to make your Christmas Budget go a little further and in preparation for 2016 I am reducing ALL full priced 2smock items to ONLY $30. That’s right NOTHING on our sites either here, on Etsy or eBay should cost more than $30.

I have some beautiful designs for a few new exciting 2smock products but I can’t squeeze any more stock into my cupboards and I’m fairly sure my ever patient husband wouldn’t appreciate me taking over the garage (which has happened in the past).

If you are looking to buy in bulk or wish to pick up blank stock to smock and sell feel free to get in touch as I am more than happy to negotiate.

Ladies Nightwear – Photo’s Uploaded!

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Thank you to all my customers for patiently waiting for my to get all the remaining photography completed. Extra big thanks goes to my two little darlings for letting Mummy do all the editing today. I have now put up all the remaining nightwear images and have reduced the price of the blue nightwear by 50% as I have found that they have also had the packaging pins rust on some of the nighties. I look forward to seeing what beautiful creations you come up with.

BLR04-BL3011-FrontBLR05- PI2012-FrontBLR04-WH1010-Front

Ladies Nightwear – Uploaded but needing Images

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Due to popular demand I have uploaded the available Ladies Low Cut Round Yoke Nightwear to the site in preparation for the photography that is due to happen this week. These don’t include any of the Factory Seconds I have picked up which have the rust marks due to the packaging pins. I have 13 of these in various sizes and colours if anyone is interested I am happy to part with them for $5 rather than see them thrown away. I’d keep them myself but I have kind of run out of room in my drawers.

The images above give an idea of the Nighties when smocked and they really are a very practical everyday garment. The neck opening is flattering to most and the generous fullness of the nightwear allows for a very comfortable night sleep. Photos to come very soon, I just need a few less “helpers” around before I get started.

On Sale – Till end of February 2015!

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I am going to be picking one product every month to be our special on sale item. These will be different each month and I will try have a mix of girls and ladies items to keep things interesting. As this month is almost over I am extending it until the end of February so on the 1st of March Sydney Australia time you can pick up one of our Classic Yoke Short Sleeve girls dresses for only $30. From the 1st of March they will go back up to the normal $44.

I know how hard it is to balance tight budgets so I thought this was a nice way to give back to our customers. And don’t forget on your packaging is a discount code that you can use to get 20% off on your next order, including our monthly sales items. If you have already purchased a 2smock item from us and in your excitement lost the code just contact us and I email it to you.



Back to School

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Well today marks a big milestone in my little family as my son started his first day of school. While this brought a little sadness it also comes with a lot of happiness and pride at how very far he has come in the last 6 years.

On the flip side this does mean that Mummy will have a little extra time to spend on 2smock and her studies and I have already started writing up lists of what needs to be done next. First things first, photographing and putting up the Ladies Nightwear and remaining Limited Edition items. And I’ve already got in touch with our manufacturer to start looking at adding in a few new products to our range. Some items will still be made in-house but for those larger runs we will have to outsource. After all kids keep needing to be fed and I don’t know about you but tables full of fabric and the ever enticing lure of a threaded smocking pleater are just too tempting for my little ones.

New systems in place to prevent sploggers.

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We have had to implement new systems to prevent false registrations to this site. We have done this to help identify genuine valued customers and users from those who would rather spam our site and comments sections. If you have tried to register and not been successful (and are a genuine customer) please contact us to have your email address whitelisted. This may apply particularly if you use email services such as gmail, yahoo or other free accounts as they are often hijacked by spammers.

Customer Registration Available

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All errors have been corrected and the website is up and running. Any registered customer of the website is still on our system but all other users have been deleted as I can not tell who else is a valid user. I do apologise to our actual genuine subscribers for having to re register but it was the only way to be sure the hackers/spammers didn’t have access. Customer registration has been allowed once more and I will be removing any suspicious accounts in future.