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Back to School

Well today marks a big milestone in my little family as my son started his first day of school. While this brought a little sadness it also comes with a lot of happiness and pride at how very far he has come in the last 6 years.

On the flip side this does mean that Mummy will have a little extra time to spend on 2smock and her studies and I have already started writing up lists of what needs to be done next. First things first, photographing and putting up the Ladies Nightwear and remaining Limited Edition items. And I’ve already got in touch with our manufacturer to start looking at adding in a few new products to our range. Some items will still be made in-house but for those larger runs we will have to outsource. After all kids keep needing to be fed and I don’t know about you but tables full of fabric and the ever enticing lure of a threaded smocking pleater are just too tempting for my little ones.

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