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Shipping induced headaches.

Now the astute shoppers out there may have realised that the shipping rates between various international locations and across our various shop fronts (2smock, eBay and Etsy) don’t always add up. In the interests of openness and transparency I wish to be upfront about why this has occurred and how it affects your purchasing and interactions with 2smock across the various platforms.

The main reason for the variations is due to the limitations of the different shops online.


For example Etsy has a rather sophisticated shipping system (at least for the basic shipping) for both international and local (Australian) postage. I can easily set up shipping rates to certain key locations thereby offering them the exact Australia Post costs for their region. So what I have done is calculate for international shipping the base rate as being for one dress (which is about 400-450g) using 500g Pack and Track Australia Post and the additional items being the difference between the 500g rate and the 1kg rate for the same postage method. So for Etsy customers you can see that the rates line up very well with the Australia Post Pack and Track Rates Tables however I did have to specify an “Everywhere Else” rate and picked the highest rate as this covers all other locations.

Screen Shot Etsy Shipping

Etsy Shipping Rates


With eBay there is slightly more flexibility however it is still rather limited. As a result I have chosen to base the default policy as a mix between the Etsy and 2smock sites. The Australian Postage has an additional option of the 500g Satchel which is due to the fact that these items are Factory Seconds and the customer may not care if the dresses are folded smaller to allow one item to be sent the cheapest way possible. You can see that if the customer purchases more than one item it increases the total shipping to account for the fact that it will have to be sent in the 3kg satchel at any rate. These detailed explanations are included on the items description to assist the customer in choosing the most appropriate shipping costs. So if a person was going to order more than 2 items it would be cheaper to select the one 3kg satchel option. These rates are outlined on the Click and Send page of Australia Posts Website. For international customers we had a trickier situation in that there was limited flexibility so had to make a tough call. We decided that using the UK as a pricing base rate worked as it was a fair mid point between the various international shipping rates for Pack and Track items sent internationally. We have set the system to charge the 500g rate for the first item $24.20 and then the additional items are charged at the difference between the 500g and 1kg rate ($45.10 for 1kg satchel) this means that additional items would be charged at $20.9 so two items ordered would cover the actual cost of shipping and when I’ve added it up for more items it works reasonably well to cover costs. Please keep in mind that the items on eBay are at greatly reduced costs so there is little to no wriggle room in making adjustments to cover unexpected costs as a result it would otherwise have been possible to have us paying to send free items to overseas customers – which would get rather expensive.

Screen Shot eBay Shipping

eBay Shipping Rates


Australian customers will find that their rates are more uniform as I have decided to go with the Click and Send 3kg Satchel as it standardises the sipping rates and fits the products really well due to their size. I can organise for some items to be folded in half and sent in the 500g bag provided you are only ordering one item, though I usually only offer this to eBay customers as the products are Factory Seconds. If you would like to use this option then please contact us and I will pass on a discount code that adjusts the order total accordingly. Standard Australia Post’s 3kg Click and Send Satchel is $13.05 and can easily take up to 5 dresses, this is cheaper than asking customers to pay the $8 per dress based on weight and means that we can happily keep the postage standardised no matter how big the order (we don’t mind covering a bit of additional shipping costs if you’re ordering more than 5 dresses). What is also nice is that the Express Postage for the 3kg Satchel is $14.45 so for a tiny bit extra those of you that fall into Express Post Network can get your items quicker. Now currently it may seem like a lot of postage for a dress that doesn’t cost much but please remember that the prices shown now are our relaunch prices and these are set to return to the normal RRP before the end of the year.

Now for our international customers we faced the same issues as we did for the eBay shop. In this case as the items are not being sold below costs we chose to set a standard flat rate of $24.20 (which you will remember is the mid point rate to send one dress to the UK). In this case we feel that we can absorb the additional shipping costs for the normal order size and will keep it as a flat rate. IF however your order is over 2kg then we are getting into the area of giving away dresses as the postage is then costing us $81.90 so we would need to work out something else. At this point I’d rather see what we are dealing with and leave things as they are right now. We hope that by being upfront with how we have reached our decisions and implemented them that our customers can better understand why the differences have come about and how it affects you. Ultimately purchasing direct from our site will offer the cheapest rates as the overheads and costs will be slightly lower. We do however value the shopping platforms of both Etsy and eBay and will continue to add items to them as well. If you have any questions and concerns please contact us an we will be happy to help.

Screen Shot 2smock Australian Shipping

2smock Australian Shipping Rates

Screen Shot 2smock International Shipping

2smock International Shipping Rates


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