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Something is in the air

Well I am now totally perplexed and confused. I am most certainly missing something here perhaps simple because Halloween is not a big event down here in Australia. I have had three requests recently asking if our dresses fit an adult and I regret to say that the largest size dress we have won’t fit an adult, even a particularly petite one.

So this has got me rather fascinated, has there been a movie recently or something else that makes our Classic Yoke Girls Dress the perfect Halloween Costume? If you have any idea I would love to know your theories as this is rather out of the blue to me.

As for your little ones of course they can wear our dresses. There are a few examples of smocked dresses using Halloween inspired picture smocking across the front online to inspire you.

Photo credit: DeusXFlorida (6,057,836 views) – thanks guys! / Foter / CC BY

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