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Somethings never change….

A part of me can’t quite believe that my own daughter is now wearing the same dresses my mother made for me. As my little one has recently had a growth spurt I thought it was time to pull out the next batch of my favourite childhood dresses. She is now fitting into 2smock 5-6yr dresses though she is still wearing the 3-4yr old dresses as well, she shot up rather than out and with a little adjusting of the hem we’ve been able to keep a lot of her wardrobe for now.

I just couldn’t resist trying to recapture some old photos of myself at the same age as my daughter wearing the same dress. Of a whole series of photos which was the one my girl wanted to copy? Grumpy mummy of course. I can only imagine this photo was the last of the day as I was anything but impressed.

As you can imagine finding the photo of her mummy wearing the actual dress in her hands has added an air of mystery to it and it has been worn several times this week. At this rate it won’t make it to my granddaughters but I sure am going to try. I have however concluded that either my mother was a wizard at stain removal or my little girl is far more adventurous than I at that age. We’ve already tried jumping up and down in muddy puddles (thank you pepper pig), climbing up a tree and skidding along the grass after her brother. I don’t know if I’m shocked or impressed at her antics, either way I just love getting to know her better and better as time goes on.

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