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Back on track, relaunch any day now!

Well just when I am sure you all think I’ve fallen off the face of the planet I am happy to report that its full steam ahead in the land of ready to smock and wear garments. I have been juggling motherhood and product photography and have just uploaded the last of the Classic Yoke Basic Range dresses to the website and at a huge relaunch discount rate.

It has been rather fun learning about the photography side of things and I am now far more appreciative of the complexities of good photography. My humble efforts only go as far as making sure you can see what our products are like as clearly and as honestly as I can.

Next step is adding in the new Fabric Swatches so you can compare and see how each fabric stands in relation to the others we have on hand. And then a few minor tweaks before I upload our most popular dresses onto Etsy.

So stay tuned we are so close to being back in business and I am sure you will all be pleased with our relaunch specials.

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