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All 2smock products checked and ready to send!

Kids Helping Mummy

Well it took 3 days of hard work but it’s finally done. Our entire stock of 2smock ready to smock and wear garments have been checked, repackaged if needed and counted – we are almost ready to get this show on the road.

I especially loved the help I received from my two kids and the cat. In all honesty I can see how the rows upon rows of neatly stacked dresses and nightwear that suddenly took over our lounge were just begging to become a giant maze or a secret fort. I snapped this shot as they had just knocked over yet another pile of dresses in order to play whatever game was on the go at the time – they were playing so beautifully together that I didn’t mind too much. When you find your ASD child fully engaged in social play with others you’d pretty much forgive anything.

The only sad part was when my daughter worked out that Mummy meant to sell these to other people. I was suddenly faced with one very distraught little girl sobbing over the fact that Mummy was giving away “all my pretty dresses”. It took going through all her smocked dresses in her cupboard and a promise to smock up a new one to calm her down again.

At least I know she actually likes her dresses.

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