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Relaunch in sight.

Winning the Carmack Prize
jurvetson / Foter.com / CC BY

So close to being ready to launch the revamped 2smock shop. Photos to retake, text to upload, decisions to make – all very exciting.

Must say I’m loving the improvements of technology right now. Back in 2005 when we started this I never thought I would be able to update my site and connect with customers in the middle of playing rocket ships. I’m currently typing this in my lounge that’s been lovingly restyled as a rocket ship complete with command centre.

To think I’ve been able to hard code security measures (thanks to brute force attacks on WordPress sites globally), talk to you AND repair the faulty wiring on our rocket before the UFO arrived.

Feeling very positive about motherhood and business actually working together finally. No more either or.

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