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Never work with children (even your own)

Brigit Before Haircut

We’ve all heard the saying “never work with animals or children” well I’ve just found that this even applies to your own kids. Last evening I tried a sample photo shoot with my little girl to see 1. if she was ok in front of a camera and 2. how my set up would be for getting clear and detailed images for the shop.

Well it was wonderful, she looked so cute and I went to bed thinking “yes this could really work”. The next morning as I was cooking breakfast my two little monkeys decided to give themselves haircuts. My baby girl had cut her hair down to the roots all over one side of her head – all those baby curls gone. Well after a talking too and firm reminder about the household rules there was only one way to get the hair to look halfway decent and growing back properly. My kids now both sport #2 buzz cuts and are lovingly referred to by their uncle as “The Marines”.

At the end of the day she is my baby girl and she is adorable no matter what (well to me anyway). Sometimes in motherhood you have to take a step back and remember that how you react/respond can often do more damage than the situation itself. I simply couldn’t let her think that if she didn’t look the way I wanted that she wasn’t enough. So many girls learn that lesson far to early in life and I am sure not going to let her learn it from me of all people. So the photo’s will still be taken, because they need to be redone. Our model will just be sporting a daring new look that is completely in contrast with the beautiful smocked dresses being worn. Or is there such a thing as punk smocking?

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