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New path, same journey.

Fall Picture
Indy Kethdy / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Every now and then life seems to just line up and paths that had appeared blocked or forgotten open up once more.

After the passing of my Grandmother (where my Mother and I took on an active careers role) I had thought that a wedding and new family would be the bright shiny future we’d all hoped for. Little did I know what was in store. Two Hyperemesis Gravardium and Pelvic Girdle Pain Pregnancies was just the tip of the iceberg. Add to that multiple surgeries on my firstborn, failure to thrive and then an Autism Diagnosis. My shiny future sure got given a lovely patina and yes we were well and truly derailed for a while. All energy was focused on just getting through the day and helping two little beings survive.

I am delighted to say I now love my not so shiny future. My life and my family are unique and we, out of necessity, have to do things our own way. What was a scary idea is a fun and liberating reality. And as time has progressed I’ve watched my babies grow.

Imagine my surprise when paths I had thought blocked and long forgotten started reappearing. In an effort to finally sort out my office I began going through all the 2smock paperwork. All the wonderful emails and hand written letters from customers. Showing of their works of art, offering advice on the products they wanted to see made and sharing their own stories. I was just about in tears, I missed doing something I loved.

Shortly after this I found out my parents were moving and all our stock needed to be rehoused. Over a cup of tea it all fell into place. My children can now (thankfully) play independently for a while. They are also enrolled in an amazing preschool who have helped them thrive and grow. I have a little more time, I have the products and I love the business. I’m now seeing a lot of green lights.

So I am going to take a chance, all the obstacles that had put everything on hold are lifting. The path is clearing and many lessons have been learnt along the way. It’s still the same journey but the way ahead is different. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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